Our Story

Farm to Fork Gourmet is the brain-child of Jody Amour, the former Executive Chef for the New England Patriots, Head Catering Chef for a Premier Catering Company in MetroWest, and Executive Chef from the Beachwood Inn in Worcester, MA.

After an award-winning 20 year career in catering and food services, Jody saw the landscape of food changing and realized catering wasn’t keeping up. As the demand for locally sourced and organic products increased, catering options basically stayed the same. Leaning on his unique approach to catering, he decided to do something about it and change the marketplace forever.

The Details

Farm to Fork Gourmet provides an array of catering services with real. wholesome. food. The food is sourced from some of the finest, up and coming local establishments and farms along with our Chefs flavorful approach to how food should taste. We hand pick or locate our ingredients to assure this.

Our team is built around a professional and efficient atmosphere, where all guests get the V.I.P. treatment. We can plan your party on how you want your event to look from a simple food display to a lavish high end event.

The fact is we believe in what we offer to you,  it is what you deserve when your choosing a food establishment.

We specialize in weddings, private, corporate and at home events. Contact us today to discuss options for your next event.

Our Crew

To compliment what we offer from Farm to Fork Gourmet, we surround ourselves by seasoned professional in all of the culinary and hospitality fields, all with a nack at something that makes them special to us. From the minute you meet our refined team members they will bring a smile to your face, or take a concern that you have and turn it into a thank you. They pride themselves on the passion that we offer and look forward to the experiences that we adventure into. If it is a simple delivery, to a full catered event and anything in between, our mission is to make sure that the client or guests needs always come first and with a smile.

We love what we do and want you to feel that in all aspects of what is Farm to Fork Gourmet.